[addrmodes] Move stuff to defaults.h

Paolo Bonzini paolo.bonzini@lu.unisi.ch
Mon Aug 21 13:05:00 GMT 2006

Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>> Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>>> Now that the logic is simpler, we can move stuff from addresses.h to 
>>> defaults.h, just like we do for other target macros.
> Hmm, why?  I intentionally moved all of this logic to addresses.h, 
> since it's not supposed to be used anywhere else.  What's the 
> advantage of having this in defaults.h?
First of all, the defaults.h part will be undone when/if I get to merge 
this into mainline.  Secondly, I picked defaults.h because it already 
has some places that indicate half-completed transitions.

But this one is actually an easy transition, because it is just about 
adding missing arguments.  The next patch in the series will provide a 
nicer API to be used by targets instead of REG_OK_STRICT, and after that 
targets will have to be changed one by one.  So sooner or later I'll 
have to go through all the target files: at this point I'll change them 
to define the only "modern" macro there. 


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