Patch for PR 28288 & PR 14556, Remove <? and >? operators from C++

Mark Mitchell
Mon Aug 14 00:55:00 GMT 2006

Steve Ellcey wrote:
> This patch resolves PR c++/28288 and PR c++/14556 by removing the <?,
>> ?, <?=, and >?= operators from C++.  The comments in the PR say that
> they were supposed to be removed in 4.1 but they were not.  Both the 4.0
> and 4.1 branches do give a 'depreciated' message when they are used.
> OK for Checkin?  Tested on IA64 HP-UX and Linux with no regressions.

Yes, thanks!

As Volker says, there is probably more that you can remove.  In addition
to cp_parser_warn_min_max, you can probably remove all of the other
occurrences of {MIN,MAX}_EXPR in the C++ front end.  The only reason
that would be false is if fold, or other parts of the middle end,
spontaneously create MIN_EXPRs that can then reach the C++ front end.
It's not important to get rid all of these other uses, but it would be nice.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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