[PATCH] add VRP for bitwise OR and AND: v3

Daniel Berlin dannyb@google.com
Sun Aug 13 15:06:00 GMT 2006

> You probably didn't understand that I was sarcastic.
> > if in doubt, follow existing changelogs in the gcc/ChangeLog
> > file.  Two spaces after the date, for example.
> Capital letter is mandatory! Two spaces are mandatory! Wow.
> Gimme a break.

Yes, it may seem onerous at first, and certainly did to me, but
1. A lot of people use utilities that automatically extract changelog
entries (regression testers, etc), and thus, a consistent format is
pretty important
2. In a developer base as large as GCC, if we even allowed minor
differentiation in formatting styles, things would quickly go towards

It would become very very hard for humans to quickly scan changelog entries.

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