Patch for regression PR c++/28432

Steve Ellcey
Tue Aug 1 16:34:00 GMT 2006

Mark Mitchell Wrote:
> Steve Ellcey wrote:
> > +      if (!IS_AGGR_TYPE_CODE (TREE_CODE (xbasetype)))
> > +	return NULL_TREE;
> Please use "!CLASS_TYPE_P (xbasetype)".  That will cause the condition
> to be false for pointers to member functions as well, which makes sense;
> we should never be doing lookup on a pointer to member function.
> However, it's just possible that we *are* doing that, out of laziness,
> so if the patch fails any tests with that change, go with your version
> instead.
> Patch OK with that change, or, as above, without if necessary.

FYI:  Using !CLASS_TYPE_P did cause quite a few testsuite failures so I
will check this in as I originally submitted it.

Steve Ellcey

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