[patch] pragma for __attribute__ ((__ms_struct__))

Andrew Pinski pinskia@physics.uc.edu
Fri Apr 28 19:13:00 GMT 2006

> Eric Christopher schrieb:
> In effect the @encode:ing tells describes the data layout that follows.
>  They are used for persistent archives (like the old nib file formats)
> and remote messaging.  In GNUstep we have DO working between different
> platforms where each platform is responsible to supply the correct
> encoding information when data is encoded and to handle a given layout
> based on the provide information as gracefully as it can.
> So I guess we need to devise a test case by creating archives of
> essentially the same data on platforms with differing ABI's and have
> them decoded on every (supported) platform during the test suite run to
> verify that the results are sane.
> Andrew?  Is that about right?

Yes.  Right now I did add a testsuite to make sure we are getting the
correct encoding (and libobjc was getting the correct size/alignment
for the encoding) for each target.

But this all can wait till after 4.2 branches and when I have more time
(and legal to submit stuff to the FSF again) to do stuff.

-- Pinski

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