Allocate Class instancs on heap; not conservatively scan DSOs

Andrew Haley
Wed Apr 26 17:16:00 GMT 2006

Bryce McKinlay writes:

 > For a long time we've talked about putting the class data in a 
 > pointer-free format, instead of storing them as static jclasses. It 
 > looks like this patch has taken care of much of the hard work and will 
 > make changing the class data format easier.

Indeed it will, yes.

 > One suggestion - I think it would be good to make the comments a bit 
 > more clear on which libgcj functions are called by the compiler to 
 > register classes for the -findirect-classes case, and which are for the 
 > non-indirect case. Its obvious from reading the patch why there is both 
 > a _Jv_RegisterClasses and  _Jv_RegisterNewClasses, but it may not be for 
 > someone browsing the code later.

That seems reasonable.

 > Also, the comment on emit_indirect_register_classes() doesn't look right 
 > - it doesn't call _Jv_NewClassFromInitailizer directly.

Oops.  TVM for looking at this.


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