PATCH: driver/26885: [4.1/4.2 regression] -m64 -m32 no longer creates 32-bit object

Joseph S. Myers
Sun Apr 23 00:44:00 GMT 2006

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006, H. J. Lu wrote:

> The gcc driver has a generic problem that is if an option is canceled
> by another one, gcc stills passes everything down to other programs.
> When the order of all options are passed down unmodified, it isn't
> a problem. But sometimes spec processing gets into our way, in which
> case, the order of options processed by spec is diffeerent from the
> command line. This patch implements Negative(XXX) to cancel -XXX in
> the gcc driver, as suggested in PR 26885.

You need to update options.texi to explain the specification of what 
Negative means in a .opt file.  If the way you seem to be chaining -g 
options in common.opt is intended to mean that each such option overrides 
any of the others, that needs to be explained in the documentation.

Joseph S. Myers

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