[Patch, fortran] PR25099 - elemental subroutine argument conformance checking

Paul Thomas paulthomas2@wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 22 05:49:00 GMT 2006


>Is the check on a->expr->rank actually needed here?  
>Doesn't the preceding if statement guarantee a->expr->rank
>is validate?
Seeing that it's you, does this do it for you?

  for (a = c->ext.actual; a; a = a->next)
      if (a->expr == NULL || a->expr->rank == 0)

     /* The last upper bound of an assumed size array argument must
        be present.  */
      if (resolve_assumed_size_actual (a->expr))
        return FAILURE;

      /* Array actual arguments must conform.  */
      if (e != NULL)
          if (gfc_check_conformance ("elemental subroutine", a->expr, e)
            == FAILURE)
        return FAILURE;
        e = a->expr;


PS If either this or the dependency checking tests are to be committed 
to trunk before mid-May, somebody will have to review them today.  
Alternatively, I could just commit tomorrow morning and see what falls 
out of the tree over the next few weeks, before committing to 4.1.

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