[yara-branch] patch for speeding YARA up, fix eon for x86_64.

Vladimir Makarov vmakarov@redhat.com
Wed Apr 19 16:34:00 GMT 2006

The following patch speeds YARA up (about 10%), fixes SPECINT2000 eon
freezing on x86_64.  The speedup is achieved:

o by rewriting code to choose CAN for spill during global allocator.
o calling some functions only once during whole file compilation.
o rewriting code to find possible insn alternatives for insn allocnos
  representing operands.
o speeding up a code making exchange of allocnos representing
  commutative operands.

2006-04-19  Vladimir Makarov  <vmakarov@redhat.com>

	* yara-color.c (update_min_alt_costs): Save and restore possible
	alternatives after commutative exchanges.
	(process_op_insn_allocno_for_can_classes): Rename to
	(global_can_compare): Remove.
	(push_globals_to_stack): Use one pass scan instead of sorting.

	* yara-final.c (add_copy_list): Use control_flow_insn_p instead of

	* yara-insn.c (get_first_operand_allocno,
	change_other_allocno_container_loc): Remove.
	(setup_possible_allocno_alternatives): Use switches.
	(change_other_allocno_container_loc): Rename to
	(make_commutative_exchange): Remove calls of
	(find_best_alt_allocation): Save and restore possible
	alternatives after commutative exchanges.
	(allocate_insn_allocnos): Set up possible
	alternatives after commutative exchange.

	* yara-int.h (single_allocno_class): Remove the prototype.

	* yara-ir.c (set_call_info, set_single_hard_reg_allocno_info,
	single_alt_reg_class): New prototypes.
	(single_allocno_class): Rename to single_reg_allocno_class.  Add
	prototype.  Make the function static.
	(create_block_allocnos): Move abnormal_edge_p calls out of the
	(yara_ir_init_once): Call setup_mode_multi_reg_p.
	(yara_ir_init): Remove setup_mode_multi_reg_p call.

	* yara-trans.c (set_base_index_reg_sets): Save and restore
	(copy_rtx_and_substitute): Remove.
	(yara_trans_init_once): Call set_base_index_reg_sets.
	(yara_trans_init): Remove set_base_index_reg_sets call.

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