[PATCH] Require GMP 4.2 and MPFR 2.2

Paul Thomas paulthomas2@wanadoo.fr
Sun Apr 16 04:03:00 GMT 2006


>The attached patch raises the bar on the versions of gmp and
>mpfr that are needed for building gfortran.  This is my first
>attempt at editing the toplevel configure.in, so I would
>appreciate the scrutiny of someone who actually understand
>autoconf.  In fact, someone else will need to commit this patch
I won't try to approve this for that reason.

>or an improved version because I believe my write access is
>limited to gfortran changes.
>BTW, the reason for requiring MPFR 2.2 is that gfortran will
>soon use mpfr_subnormalize() instead of its current hackish
I sincerely hope that this is going to be OK.  My attempts to build mpfr 
on Cygwin have all failed.  I have been depending on the version bundled 
in with gmp.

I will attempt a build of both with the latest sources and report back.


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