new code committed to dataflow branch

Kenneth Zadeck
Sun Apr 9 01:23:00 GMT 2006

Made bt-load.c use its own instance of df and removed all uses of flow.
Striped out the call to the split_all_insns and
branch_target_load_optimize from flow2
and into their own passes. 

There is now no use of flow after branch_target_load_optimize2.

This patch was bootstrapped and regression tested on three platforms.



2006-04-08  Kenneth Zadeck <>
    * tree-pass.h (pass_split_after_reload,
    pass_branch_target_load_optimize2): Added.
    (pass_branch_target_load_optimize): Deleted.
    * flow.c (rest_of_handle_flow2): Split the calls to split_all_insns and
    branch_target_load_optimize into their own passes.
    * passes.c (init_optimization_passes): Ditto.
    (init_optimization_passes): Moved clear_df pass to before
    second branch_target_load_optimize pass.
    * bt-load (compute_defs_uses_and_gen, build_btr_def_use_webs,
    migrate_btr_defs): Threaded private copy of df into these functions.
    (branch_target_load_optimize): Made private and add local
    instance of df.  Removed all references to flow.
    (rest_of_handle_branch_target_load_optimize1): New function.
    (rest_of_handle_branch_target_load_optimize): Renamed to
    rtl.h (branch_target_load_optimize): Removed.
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