A recent patch increased GCC's memory consumption in some cases!

Richard Guenther richard.guenther@gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 12:30:00 GMT 2006

On 4/7/06, Jan Hubicka <jh@suse.cz> wrote:
> >
> > comparing Gerald's testcase PR8361 compilation at -O1 level:
> >   Overall memory allocated via mmap and sbrk increased from 108456k to 144940k, overall 33.64%
> >   Peak amount of GGC memory allocated before garbage collecting increased from 95144k to 132081k, overall 38.82%
> >   Peak amount of GGC memory still allocated after garbage collectin increased from 93152k to 97084k, overall 4.22%
> >   Amount of produced GGC garbage decreased from 559402k to 471302k, overall -18.69%
> Hi,
> this is caused by early inlining finally being effective after Richard's
> patch, but not collecting garbage.   Bootstrapped/regtested x86_64-linux
> and comitted.

For 4.1.1, too I suggest.


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