[C++ PATCH] Don't create an INTEGER_CST for aggregates (empty structs)

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr@integrable-solutions.net
Mon Mar 14 14:56:00 GMT 2005

Jason Merrill <jason@redhat.com> writes:

| On 12 Mar 2005 11:27:41 +0100, Gabriel Dos Reis <gdr@integrable-solutions.net> wrote:
| > Second, the case of stack-based CPUs, e.g. x86-like.
| > The caller does not need any push of such trailing empty class
| > arguments on stack -- and the callee knows it has no business trying
| > to pop such value.  Consequently adjustments need to be done for the 
| > stack frame "depth". 
| This assumes that we control both caller and callee, which violates the
| idea of a standardized ABI.

Well, I think that is an overstatement :-)

If we still allocate "wasted" space but do not do fill them -- as you
suggested earlier -- that would work.

-- Gaby

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