[patch] Don't change the types for switch statements

James A. Morrison ja2morri@csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Mar 10 23:46:00 GMT 2005

Jeffrey A Law <law@redhat.com> writes:

> OK.  I was just hunting for code which set the type of the nodes, you
> saved me the trouble of finding it :-)   So we know that INDEX_TYPE will
> have the same type as each of the nodes.  Excellent.
> > It would probably be good to use minval = fold_convert (index_type, i_z_n) at
> > line 2427 as I did in the patch at line 2512, but that'll have to wait for
> > another round of testing.
> Agreed.  I've got time today, so I'll give that a spin.
> Jeff

 Any word on testing this?  The patch I posted (only one fold_convert)
bootstapped and regtested on sparc-linux with no regressions with all
languages but ada.



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