Patch: RFA: allow default .db for libgcj

Bryce McKinlay
Tue Mar 8 18:47:00 GMT 2005

Tom Tromey wrote:

>We would like to be able to set a default .db for use by libgcj, so
>that we can more easily set up 'gij' as an alternative to the 'java'
>command in OS builds.  Without this, we have to modify startup scripts
>and the like to pass a special -D option to 'gij'.
>This patch implements the required configure switch.


>  At the moment I
>think it is premature to have a gcc-supplied default .db, so the
>current default is not to have one.
I think it would be better to define a default here. Although the .db 
stuff is still experimental, it improves ease-of-use to not have to 
worry about the location of this file. This location will need to be 
version-specific, however, since the libraries may also be version 
specific, and the db format could change in future releases.

The question remains of where this file should actually go, however. 

<install prefix>/share/gcj/<version>/classmap.db ?
/var/cache/gcj/<version>/classmap.db ?


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