[C++ patch/rfc] PR 16859

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@suse.de
Mon Mar 7 09:37:00 GMT 2005

Hi Mark,

> Paolo Carlini wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I had a look at this PR, which seems not too difficult for me.
>> In my tentative patch, I'm enforcing 8.5.1/4 only when -pedantic,
>> simply looking at *initp. Makes sense? Passes C/C++/libstdc++-v3
>> testsuites on x86-linux.
> Is this patch against tte mainline?  I don't see the code you're patching.

Very strange, the patch is definitely against mainline. Is the ChangeLog
sufficiently clear? I'm not sure to have right all the various conventions
that you are adopting. Baseically, I tried to patch a couple of lines toward
the end of reshape_init, where ARRAY_TYPE is dealt with.

> I think it would be cleaner to do the check in complete_array_type.

Ok, I'll look into this and report back.

Thanks for the feedback,

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