PING [4.1 regression, patch] build i686-pc-mingw32

Christopher Faylor
Tue Jul 19 19:52:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jul 19, 2005 at 11:07:33AM +0200, FX Coudert wrote:
>PING. Could one of the mingw/cygwin maintainers review this patch? Or 
>can someone else do it?

I'd prefer that Danny review this but neither of us has the right to
approve this patch.

However, it seems like you're adding extra stuff to the Makefile where
it is already trying to do the right thing if $(LN) fails.  Couldn't LN
just be declared as "cp" for mingw or, alternatively, couldn't it be
defined as some failing command so that the cp in the failing condition
would be invoked?


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