backing out tree-promote-statics pass

Kenneth Zadeck
Tue Jul 19 18:46:00 GMT 2005

After some analysis yesterday, Danny and I decided to remove the 
tree-promote-statics pass.
Much of the earlier gains that could be attributed by this pass have 
been subsumed by enhancements to the pre and fre passes.  We also feel 
that coming enhancements to call clobbering, the representation of 
aliases for structures, and some improvements to copy propagation will 
fully overtake the intended purpose of this pass. 

As several people have noticed it is something of a pig.  While we could 
fix this, it seems better to focus on the other three improvements.

This has been tested on suse 9.3 x86-64.


 2005-07-19  Danny Berlin <>
        Kenneth Zadeck <>

    * Removed tree-promote-statics.c
    * tree-promote-statics.c: Removed.
    * common.opt: Removed flag-promote-statics.
    * opts.c: Ditto.
    * passes.c: Removed tree-promote-statics pass.
    * tree-pass.h: Ditto.
    * timevar.def: Removed TV_PROMOTE_STATICS.

2005-07-19  Danny Berlin <>
        Kenneth Zadeck <>

    * gcc.dg/tree-ssa/sra-2.c: Changed back to -O1 and added xfail.

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