[patch, rfa] rewrite TPF OS handling

Eric Christopher echristo@redhat.com
Tue Jul 12 20:54:00 GMT 2005

The original TPF OS port was done with a very odd idea for cross
compilation in mind. This rewrite gets it more toward a standard host
cross host sysroot type environment. Now it's possible to use
--with-sysroot and get a cross compiler that with a few additional
command line options will produce code for the s390x-ibm-tpf system.

This was written by me and tested by the TPF OS group.


2005-07-12  Eric Christopher  <echristo@redhat.com>

	* configure.in: Add toplevel noconfigdir support for tpf.
	* configure: Regenerate.

2005-07-12  Eric Christopher  <echristo@redhat.com>

	* config.gcc (s390x-ibm-tpf*): Add extra_options. Remove
	static extra parts.
	* config/s390/s390.md: Include tpf.md. Move tpf specific
	* config/s390/tpf.md: To here.
	* config/s390/s390.opt: Move tpf specific options...
	* config/s390/tpf.opt: to here. Add mmain option.
	* config/s390/tpf-unwind.h: Remove unnecessary defines.
	* config/s390/tpf.h: Rewrite.


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