[PATCH] Remove some unused "nested function" in the C-front-end

Andrew Pinski pinskia@physics.uc.edu
Fri May 28 21:39:00 GMT 2004

> Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu> writes:
> > Scratch that previous patch as I noticed the C++ front-end's expand_decl
> > language hook now has the same definition as the C front-end's one.
> >
> > So this patch moves the code from both front-end and puts it into
> > c-common.c.
> >
> > OK? Bootstrapped on powerpc-apple-darwin with no regressions.
> This patch isn't a superset of the previous one - the previous patch
> cleans up c_expand_body(_1) as well as c_expand_decl.  Was that
> intentional?
I should have known better than deleting part of the patch, I should have
looked closer at what I deleted.

Sorry about that, I will send the new one patch with the cleanup of 
c_expand_body(_1) also.


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