Patch: Enable tree-browser with --enable-checking

Bryce McKinlay
Thu May 27 18:43:00 GMT 2004

This patch removes the --enable-tree-browser configure option, and 
instead enables the tree browser when --enable-checking=tree is used 
(this is the default for development builds).


- tree-browser.o adds only a very small size overhead (approx 20k 
stripped or 0.5% of cc1's total size on i686)
- its a useful debugging feature
- it sucks to have to remember yet another configure option
- it sucks to have to reconfigure gcc when you just want to 
browse_tree() during a debugging session
- conceptually it isn't much different from debug_tree and other 
debugging routines that are always enabled
- without enabling it by default, most developers would not build the 
tree-browser code, thus it can be subject to bit-rot

OK to commit?


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