[lno] [patch] vectorizer update - loop bound

Daniel Berlin dberlin@dberlin.org
Mon Jan 19 16:22:00 GMT 2004

> I figured out what the problem was, but now that the vectorizer passes 
> that
> stage, it fails on an alignment check, which currently tries to make 
> sure
> that the array base and the first access to the array are aligned 
> (which is
> over conservative on purpose). The first access however is at index 1,
> which leads the vectorizer to conclude that the accesses to this array 
> are
> not aligned. Shouldn't the array accesses be normalized to start from 0
> when the Fortran program is translated to the trees? If not, can I 
> query
> what was the source language and treat Fortran programs differently 
> than C
> (e.g., consider accesses to index i as accesses to index (i-1) in case 
> it's
> Fortran)?

I could rewrite the normalization pass if you want, it was done right 
before major SSA changes, and i never got around to rewriting it.
My only concern is whether it will make the evolutions too complex to 
be "simple" evolutions.

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