[lno] fix division by zero

Andreas Jaeger aj@suse.de
Sun Jan 4 12:59:00 GMT 2004

Dorit Naishlos <DORIT@il.ibm.com> writes:

>> Well, I tried, and I tried, but I can't get no ... vectorization:
> That's because the vectorizer currently doesn't support unary operations.
> It's very trivial to add this support, and I will, shortly. A lot of the
> restrictions that are imposed right now are entirely arbitrary - I posted
> the vectorizer as soon as there was an infrastructure with some minimal
> vectorization capabilities. The more trivial limitations will be the first
> ones to be removed.
>> It appears it doesn't dump why vectorization did or did not occur, even
>> with -details.
> At the end of tree-vectorizer.h you can set
> #define DBG_VECT(A)
> to
> #define DBG_VECT(A) A
> to get information on why vectorization did not occur.
> Setting
> #define DBG_VECT2(A) A
> will spit even more details.
> It should be changed to be cotrolled by a flag.

I agree and will do so.  How should we call it?
-ftree-vectorize-details ?

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