[v3] Remove unused <vector> function

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@suse.de
Sun Feb 1 23:58:00 GMT 2004

Phil Edwards wrote:

> Good catch. If there are any other _GLIBCXX_DEPRECATED parts, they can
> probably go too. (I don't have source handy to check.)

Actually, we have got 3!

./include/bits/basic_string.h:1008:#ifdef _GLIBCXX_DEPRECATED

    insert(iterator __p)

./include/bits/ios_base.h:360:#ifdef _GLIBCXX_DEPRECATED

    // Annex D.6
    typedef int io_state;
    typedef int open_mode;
    typedef int seek_dir;
    typedef std::streampos streampos;
    typedef std::streamoff streamoff;

./include/std/std_streambuf.h:740:#ifdef _GLIBCXX_DEPRECATED


Phil, at variance with the helper that I have just removed, this stuff,
when _GLIBCXX_DEPRECATED is defined is supposed to be user visible.
Therefore, please remind me: shall I remove it only from mainline or
from 3_4-branch too? (i.e., deprecated 3_3 and removed 3_4?)


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