RFA: MIPS paired single support

DJ Delorie dj@redhat.com
Tue Aug 31 22:54:00 GMT 2004

> I think doing this right would mean adding target/$target
> subdirectories, and writing .exp code which would automatically pick the
> right directory for the current target.
> rth said that Red Hat might already have a scheme for this, but he
> wasn't sure.  So there was an unanswered question about whether Red Hat
> might want to contribute something here.

We do, and we can contribute it (I have some xstormy16 tests waiting
for such an event anyway).  It's pretty trivial, though...


Each <foo>.exp just exits if it's the wrong target.  That allows
.exp's for specific (like mips-sgi-irix*) as well as wildcard (like
mips*-*-*) targets within each subdirectory (like gcc.target/mips/).

Thus, "contributing" just means making the gcc.target directory, since
there's no other infrastructure required.  It also allows for a
greater flexibility in naming the subdirectories (recommended: named
to match gcc/config/<cpu> but allow, for example, gcc.target/elf/).

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