[PATCH] fixincludes to the toplevel: toplevel changes

Nathanael Nerode neroden@twcny.rr.com
Mon Aug 30 19:26:00 GMT 2004

DJ Delorie wrote:
>>-# Only make build libraries if build != host.
>>-if test ${host_alias} != ${build_alias} ; then
>>-  build_configdirs=`echo ${build_libs} ${build_tools}`
>>-  build_configdirs=`echo ${build_tools}`
>>+build_configdirs=`echo ${build_libs} ${build_tools}`
> I suspect this will be wasteful in a majority of the builds people do.
> Can we make this so that ${build_libs} at least is still conditional?
> We don't need the extra libiberty, for example.

This helps when the build compiler produces code incompatible with the 
stage1 compiler.  It's a simplification which I've been wanting to do 
for a long time, actually.  :-P

The extra libiberty does slow things down, but it
(a) gives a more reliable build
(b) doesn't slow things down *that* much, since libiberty is one of the 
smallest directories
(c) is in fact the *only* module which is built both for the host and 
for the build machine (and I would expect that to remain true)
(d) is already built redundantly for the target as well as the host 
(even when they're the same)

(If we ever get preinstall going, the redundancy can be eliminated in a 
cleaner way, of course.)

So I vote for doing this.

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