[v3] Return of the son of fp printing.

Jerry Quinn jlquinn@optonline.net
Mon Aug 30 00:59:00 GMT 2004

Paolo Carlini writes:
 > Jerry Quinn wrote:
 > >How about __builtin_log10?  More generally, are all these builtins safe on the
 > >3.4 branch?
 > >  
 > >
 > Hi and, first, my best compliments for the work!

Thanks!  I hope to finally get this off my plate.

 > About the builtins, I'm afraid we are going to have problems in the 3.4 
 > branch: AFAIK
 > __builtin_signbit, f.i., doesn't even exist! (it would be very useful 
 > elsewhere too!)

I wonder if a backport would be possible under the guise of fixing a
regression in fp printing speed from gcc 2.95 :-)


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