PATCH: ObjC++-related common code mods

Zack Weinberg
Wed Aug 18 00:22:00 GMT 2004

Ziemowit Laski <> writes:

>>> Ok; how should I handle "objc/objc-act.h" further down in the patch?
>> I'm not sure I understand.  Having a slash in the pathname embedded in
>> gengtype.c should be fine - all supported operating systems understand
>> / as a path separator; it's just that gengtype might get input with \
>> as the path separator, on Windows.
> But if you can see a '\\', then you could plausibly also see 
> 'c:\\...\\objc\\objc-act.c', no?

Sure.  Everywhere you _check for_ a directory separator, should be
using IS_DIR_SEPARATOR so that it properly handles \ on Windows.  But
pathnames embedded in the program can unconditionally use /.  (it'd be
okay, for instance, to produce C:\...\objc/objc-act.h - weird as that
looks to a human, the Windows kernel will be perfectly happy with it.)


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