[PATCH] Rename pwait for LynxOS

Adam Nemet anemet@lnxw.com
Tue Aug 17 21:19:00 GMT 2004

> Why is libc's pwait() getting pulled in at all?  If libiberty is
> providing one, there's no reason for libc's pwait() to be needed.

Well, the two pwait's are identical only in name.  They have different
prototypes and different functionalities otherwise.  For the actual
error, see the bottom of

And pwait is packaged with system into one member of libc.a.  The
definiton of system is included because of tlink.o.

The other hack I can think of is to take care of this whole thing in
GCC.  That is to somehow tell GCC that when building for LynxOS it
should use waitpid instead of pwait.  For example only rename pwait
inside GCC to let's say gcc_pwait and then provide a LynxOS-specific
module under config and a corresponding x-lynx file for the makefile
fragment.  What do you think?


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