[RFA] Patch: Fix PosixProcess / PR libgcj 11801

Bryce McKinlay mckinlay@redhat.com
Thu Aug 12 01:00:00 GMT 2004

David Daney wrote:

>Attached is a new version of the patch.  It addresses all of the issues
>raised by Bryce (I think).
>Tested as follows:
>i686-pc-linux-gnu  (Fedora Core 1 w/ NPTL) make check in libjava with no
>mipsel-linux-gnu (glibc 2.2.5) make check in libjava with no regressions.
>These tests include these:
>6 new tests that I will commit when (and if) this patch is authorized.
>OK to commit?

Just one more general comment about the patch - there seems to be a lot 
of spurious deltas in natPosixProcess.cc caused by code reformatting or 
whitespace changes. This makes the patch difficult to read because its 
difficult to see exactly which code was changed and which was just 
reformatted. If you could fix that before committing it would be 

Aside from that, this is OK to commit. Thank you very much for working 
on this - its an important improvement that has been needed for quite 
some time.



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