Last C++ bootstrap bits

Zack Weinberg
Tue Aug 3 07:16:00 GMT 2004

Gabriel Dos Reis <> writes:

>   - headers (auto-host.h and config.h) generated at configuration
>     time, that seems to be missing many important information.
>     For example, rlim_t does not get detected and configure #define to 
>     "long".  Later, that #define cause an incomprehensible diagnostic.
>     Also, some functions from <stdio.h> or glibc additions are nto
>     correctly detected.  Later, their declarations clash with those
>     provided by the target -- C does not care, but C++ quickly objects
>     when the accompanying exception specifiction goes wrong.

I would bet these are because our custom Autoconf macros
(gcc/aclocal.m4 - no, that's not a generated file, unlike some) are
still coded to the 2.13 spec, which didn't really do C++.  Rip out
those you can (many have been superseded by macros included in
autoconf 2.5x base), recode those that can't in preferred 2.5x idiom,
and things should be better.


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