Last C++ bootstrap bits

Bernardo Innocenti
Tue Aug 3 05:22:00 GMT 2004

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> Bernardo Innocenti <> writes:
> | Hello,
> | 
> | I still have 50KB-worth of C++ bootstrap patches, down from
> | 250KB.
> | 
> | It's too late to finish splitting them up, applying, testing
> | and writing ChangeLog entries, so I'll leave it for tomorrow.
> | I'm posting them now just in case someone wants to comment
> | on how I addressed the remaining issues.
> | 
> | These bits address bool-correctness, enum-correctness and
> | resolve clashes between variables and typenames.  I quite
> | dislike the "rtrtx" and "rtrtvec" member names, so I'm
> | looking for suggestions for improvement.
> Hi,
>   My attention was drawn to your patch.  Sorry to realize that I
> essnetially duplicated your work.  I think the "bool" issue should be
> submitted in a different patch, as it does not address compilation
> with a C++ compiler per se.  My last two patches handled the GC enums
> and rtx issue.  I have another patch for the VARRAY issue.
> I believe we should investigate RTH's suggestion on the
> enumerationns  tree_code and <lang>_tree_code.

I was hoping to split, test and commit my patch over this
weekend, but then I've been too busy to do it.

So I'm glad you finally did these missing bits, even
though there has been some duplication of effort.  I'd
not have enough time until next weekend anyway.

I still have these pending issues on my TODO list:

 - the bool conversions (not related with C++, as you say);

 - reverse the "real bool in C++" change, as requested by Zack;

 - add type-safe wrappers like XNEW() for alloca();

 - address the c_tree_code/tree_code problem, as discussed
   with rth.

  // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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