More of SSE vector support

David Edelsohn
Sat Apr 3 17:10:00 GMT 2004

>>>>> Jan Hubicka writes:

>> > 	* md.texi (vec_set, vec_extract, vec_init): Document.

Jan> The patch was actually never reviewed, so I didn't commit it.
Jan> If there is something wrong with the other portions of the patch, I can
Jan> separate the documentation change  (or commit it separately if reviewed)

	The first part of the patch, proposed 12/2003 was committed.  The
patch included documentation for vec_set and vec_extract, but that
documentation was omitted from the actual commit:

	Would you please commit the documentation?

	RTH directed Dorit and me to those patterns, so if vec_init has
not been included, we would appreciate if the follow-up patch from 01/2004
was reviewed and committed.

Thanks, David

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