patch rereview requested for PRs 6860, 10467 and 11741

Gabriel Dos Reis
Sun Sep 21 04:07:00 GMT 2003 (Richard Kenner) writes:

|     Indeed, the full motivation for why the patch is believed to be
|     correct have been presented several times.  The "before, we'd ICE"
|     was a counter argument against the silly claims the patch would
|     introduce new regressions.
| If you hadn't used the word "silly", I'd agree.  Showing that all a patch
| does is turn something that used to ICE into something else is an
| exceptionally convincing proof that the patch can't break a bootstrap or
| introduce regressions.

However, that sole argument is not sufficiently convincing, int that
it may turn an ICE into bad code generation.  I'd rather an ICE than a
silent bad code generation.

| However, that is only *one* requirement that a potential patch must meet.


-- Gaby

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