target/10465: [AIX] allow -mnatural-align option for AIX as well

Kevin B. Hendricks
Wed Apr 30 12:44:00 GMT 2003

Hi David and Geoff,

Attached are two small patches that add support for the -malign-natural 
option (and the default -malign-power) for gcc 3.3 for AIX, Darwin, and 
LinuxPPC64 (Linux PPC 32 already uses the natural alignment as default)

The patch itself was simply borrowed from the Apple gcc 3.3 changes and
slightly modified to be implemented in a way that did not use up any target 
flags (as directed by David).

I have tested the Darwin version using gnu gcc 3.3 on MacOSX 10.2.5 and Ken 
has tested the AIX version.  Unfortunately, neither of us has access to a 
Linux PPC64 machine for testing, but the changes are identical to the AIX 
version and so should work fine.

These patches are important to allow building and porting to
both AIX and Linux PPC64, and Darwin and for helping to sync up MacOSX gcc
changes back to GNU gcc (MacOSX already has the -malign-natural option). 

Please consider them for inclusion in gcc.

Thanks David for all of the pointers and tips on the best approach.

Hope this helps,


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