PATH: sparc64 bootstrap problems on FreeBSD (PR 10453)

Loren James Rittle
Thu Apr 24 21:48:00 GMT 2003

In article <>,
Jakub Jelinek<> writes:

> Ok for 3.3/trunk.
> It is not needed on 3.2 branch and earlier, since both _sp32 and _sp64
> insns have the same pattern and gen_* functions for ellided insns
> are optimized only since 2002-07-29.

Thank you for the review, Jakub.  Thank you for figuring out the
proper fix before the FSF release, Alex.

Installed on mainline ("as-approved").  Moved to 3.3, personally
verified that it fixes the root problem in context for us, installed
and closed 10453.

I am in the process of re-enabling daily bootstraps on and reportage
from (a sparc64 machine) for the 3.3 branch.  FYI,
the above analysis completely explains why I couldn't find any local
patch for the issue in the system compiler as-built on panther (based
on gcc 3.2.2). ;-)


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