[PATCH]: Add insn for dbcc/ibcc generation for 68HC12

Stephane Carrez stcarrez@nerim.fr
Sat Apr 12 21:28:00 GMT 2003


I've committed on 3_3 and mainline this patch to add new patterns to
generate the dbeq/dbne/ibeq/ibne instructions on 68HC12 (decrement/increment
and branch if zero/not zero).  The define_insn take care of reloading their
operands by using the clobber register and not using dbcc/ibcc in that case.


2003-04-12  Stephane Carrez  <stcarrez@nerim.fr>

	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.md ("decrement_and_branch_until_zero"): New
	pattern for dbcc/ibcc generation for 68HC12.
	("doloop_end"): New pattern.
	("m68hc12_dbcc_dec_hi"): New pattern for dbeq/dbne.
	("m68hc12_dbcc_inc_hi"): New pattern for ibeq/ibne.
	("m68hc12_dbcc_dec_qi"): New pattern.
	("m68hc12_dbcc_inc_qi"): New pattern.
	(split): Add split for the above when we can't use dbcc/ibcc due to
	(peephole2): Add peephole2 to generate the above when possible.
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