[PATCH]: Fix 64-bit shifts by 1 on HC11

Stephane Carrez stcarrez@nerim.fr
Sat Apr 12 20:47:00 GMT 2003


After I added the rotate patterns, the 64-bit shift with const 1 don't work because
they use a special rotate pattern to take into account the carry for the shift, but
this pattern conflicted with the normal rotate pattern.  I rewrote this specific rotate
to better specify it.  Committed on 3_3 and mainline.


2003-04-12  Stephane Carrez  <stcarrez@nerim.fr>

	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.md ("bitcmpqi" split): No need to test the
	mode of operand 0.
	(peephole2 optimize const load): Likewise for operand 2.
	("*rotlhi3_with_carry"): Change pattern to a const 1 rotate which
	clobbers CC_REGNUM.
	("*rotrhi3_with_carry"): Likewise.
	(ashift:DI 1 split): Update pattern to create the above rotate.
	(lshiftrt:DI 1 split): Likewise.
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