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Mike Stump
Fri Apr 11 23:39:00 GMT 2003

On Friday, April 11, 2003, at 03:52 PM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> When did you report the problems to the Texinfo maintainers?

I've yet to run into copious free time.  Also, it isn't clear to me 
that anyone else in the world has the problem.  :-(  The gcc machine 
seems to build mainline, don't know why.

>> + If you would like to generate online html documentation, do @samp{cd
> "HTML" in text, not "html".


>> + @var{objdir}; make html} and html will be generated for the manuals 
>> in
> Likewise.


>> ! available for DVI-formatted documentation, @code{make htm} for
>> ! HTML-formatted documentation and @code{make generated-manpages} to
>> ! generate man pages.
> "make html", not "make htm".


> This change is inaccurate; update_web_docs does not use the Makefiles, 
> it
> generates the manuals directly having checked out the Texinfo sources 
> and
> texinfo.tex only.


>> + @item html
>> + Build HTML documentation for the front end, in the build directory.
> docobjdir is not, by default in the FSF tree, in the build directory.


>> + .PHONY: html
>> + html: $(docobjdir)/HTML/gcc-$(version)/gcc/index.html 
>> $(docobjdir)/HTML/gcc-$(version)/cpp/index.html 
>> $(docobjdir)/HTML/gcc-$(version)/gccinstall/index.html 
>> $(docobjdir)/HTML/gcc-$(version)/gccint/index.html 
>> $(docobjdir)/HTML/gcc-$(version)/cppinternals/index.html lang.html
>> +
>> + htmldir = $(docobjdir)/HTML/gcc-$(version)
> I think the dependencies above should use $(htmldir).


> With these corrections I think the patch is OK by me, but a build 
> system
> maintainer will need to review the corrected patch.


Someone else want to Ok the build bits?

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