[PATCH] fold-const.c use of BRANCH_COST

Geoff Keating geoffk@geoffk.org
Fri Apr 11 17:49:00 GMT 2003

David Edelsohn <dje@watson.ibm.com> writes:

> >>>>> Richard Henderson writes:
> Richard> Nothing, except that it'd be better to go at them in a more
> Richard> organized sort of way than a basketful of random defines.
> 	We can add the knobs for both uses of BRANCH_COST in fold-const.c
> in this pass, if you want.  BRANCH_COST isn't actually used in that many
> parts of GCC.

It'd be better if we could assign a meaning to each macro, like
"this is the relative cost of a branch compared to an integer
instruction" rather than "this is the knob you tweak to affect this
code path which may or may not affect this optimisation".

- Geoffrey Keating <geoffk@geoffk.org>

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