[PATCH] Fix simd-2.c failure on powerpc

Roger Sayle roger@www.eyesopen.com
Fri Apr 11 13:20:00 GMT 2003

Hi Richard,

> Roger Sayle wrote:
> > The second and third operands of ZERO_EXTRACT should always be
> > constant integers and therefore we only need to examine the
> > first operand.
> False.

Indeed.  David Anglin has already corrected me on my understanding.
Fortunately, it doesn't affect the validity of that change/hunk.  If
you were to support ZERO_EXTRACT in reg_overlap_mentioned_p, I'm sure
you'd do it the same way.  If not, you could consider David's patch:

> I'll look at the combine fragment later; my gut reaction is
> that it's overly pessimistic.

I won't argue that combine could be improved.  However the current
state of affairs is that code immediately following the combine
change in my patch looks like (line 1122 of combine.c):

  /* DEST must either be a REG or CC0.  */
  if (GET_CODE (dest) == REG)
  else if (GET_CODE (dest) != CC0)
    return 0;

Hence my patch only guards against the cases GCC already handles.

Whether you decide to approve this patch or fix the problem differently,
don't forget/overlook my proposed documentation change.  The fact that
that zero_extract isn't listed as a valid set destination may well have
contributed to this regression.

Sorry again for my misinterpretation of the zero_extract documentation.


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