Richard Kenner
Thu Apr 10 22:31:00 GMT 2003

    I definitely think the bug is *not* in varasm.c.  If I write
    "double x __attribute__((aligned(1)))", I expect to see 

        .comm   x,8,1
	.comm	x,8,8

    in the assembly file.

of course.  That's because in this case you are setting the alignment
of the *object*, not the *type*.

    I definitely think there's a bug in that the Ada front end sets
    DECL_USER_ALIGN for these objects and the C front end (in response to
    the auto-generated files) does not.  That mis-match should be
    addressed in some way -- either by not setting DECL_USER_ALIGN in Ada

But it *isn't* set in Ada! 

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