RFC/RFHelp: overhaul C front end's identifier->decl lookup

Zack Weinberg zack@codesourcery.com
Mon Apr 7 09:36:00 GMT 2003

"Joseph S. Myers" <jsm28@cam.ac.uk> writes:

> On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Zack Weinberg wrote:
>> Attached to this message are two diffs, which together overhaul the C
>> front end's algorithms for mapping identifiers to declarations
>> (symbols and type tags).  c-symbol-lookup.diff must be applied
>> before c-tag-lookup.diff.
> gcc.dg/redecl-1.c refers to C89 but with section numbers from C90 (which
> has 6.x where C89 had 3.x).

Blargh, I always forget that C89 and C90 are two different documents.
(What I own a print copy of is BS EN 29899:1993, which is allegedly
ISO/IEC 9899:1900 with Amendment 1 incorporated.)

> After the first patch does the testsuite contain tests for all the
> diagnostics in the affected code (including such things as
> -Wshadow)?

I believe so.


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