PATCH for [ARM] subsequent use of plus and minus operators could be improved

Gábor Lóki
Mon Apr 7 09:20:00 GMT 2003

Richard Earnshaw wrote:
 >>Should I attach the patch for the generic solution of the
 > We need to see the patch.
 > R.

The patch is attached.
This algorithm works in the postreload phase (register
allocation algorithms produce the unnecessary plus/minus
insn which is described in PR 10242). If I misplaced the
code, correct me, please!

I've only one comment on using this algorithm. It doesn't
test if the combined constant can be stored in the target
specific instruction. The flow2 phase is responsible for
this testing, and it corrects the problem if necessary.

 > BTW.  Have you filed a copyright assignment with the FSF?

We have sent the request.

        GĂĄbor LĂłki
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