Patch to (almost) completly update frv port to use target hooks

Graham Stott
Wed Sep 4 12:25:00 GMT 2002


Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:
> With my patch I can link cc1, but I still get these two poison
> warnings.  I wasn't comfortable converting these macros.
>  > system.h:604:44: warning: poisoning existing macro "ASM_OUTPUT_CONSTRUCTOR"
>  > system.h:605:9: warning: poisoning existing macro "ASM_OUTPUT_DESTRUCTOR"
They are reasonably easy to convert as I've done these in my local tree.

I've got lots of patches outstanding in my local tree but other commitments
(such as looking for a job/work) have prevented me from tidying them up so
they can be submitted.

I'm trying to get most of my outstanding patches submitted before next Mon.
after which I'll be completly out of the gcc loop for 3 weeks.


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