[PATCH] Update a stab string to reflect gcc3

Daniel Berlin dan@dberlin.org
Fri Mar 15 18:52:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Jim Ingham wrote:

> Daniel,
> No real reason (for instance I was NOT planning on cluing a per objfile 
> C++ ABI setting off of it right now.)  But the whole gdb "set cp-abi" 
> bit set me to thinking that there are in fact differences between gcc2 & 
> gcc3 compiled code that gdb does need to know about, so just for grins I 
> wanted it to be right as soon as possible.  Then, if we ever care about 
> some of the differences we will have the info we need to act on it.
> It is, after all, pretty gross that gdb has to grub through symbols 
> looking for functions with an initial _Z to determine that we are using 
> the gnu-v3 ABI.  Wouldn't it be a lot cleaner if there was a 
> gcc3_compiled stab that we could read?

The ABI is not defined by GCC.
It's defined by the IA-64 C++ ABI document.

Thus, we use something not compiler specific to detect it, because it's 
not compiler specific itself (of course, there are a few vendor 
extensions, but this is in mangling).

Please try to keep that in mind when mucking about in the V3 abi stuff.
It's not just g++'s abi anymore, so you can't rely on only changing gcc to 
get some desired behavior.

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