Java: install language driver as $(target_alias)-gcj

Zack Weinberg
Thu Mar 7 15:02:00 GMT 2002

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 05:02:32PM -0500, Jeff Sturm wrote:
> On 7 Mar 2002, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> > Tested on?
> Oops... alphaev56-linux.
> > Ok, assuming it was actually tested.  You may want to turn:
> >         rm -f something
> > into
> >         rm -f something || :
> That makes sense.  But seeing as how "rm -f" is used all over the Makefile
> without that guard, I applied my original patch.  (Interesting that we
> haven't seen build failures of that sort yet... maybe platforms with a
> broken "rm -f" just aren't important anymore.)

In a Make rule, it's just as easy, and arguably more comprehensible,
to write

	-rm -f something

The leading dash tells Make to ignore the exit code.


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