Ada: ISO 13813 draft implementation

Vadim Godunko
Sun Jun 30 05:19:00 GMT 2002

> > I implement Ada packages defined by ISO ISO 13813 draft.
> It seems that the final version has been released in 1998.  Is your
> implementation conforming to it?

My implementation conforming to current draft.

> In addition, the name "Ada.Numerics.Real_Arrays" surprises me, I would
> have expected "Ada.Numerics.Float_Arrays".  Can you confirm that this
> really required by the standard?

Yes. See chapter 9 paragraph 2.

> > My be it applied to GNAT CVS tree?
> I think we need a copyright assignment and test cases.  (I'm working
> on non-ACATS test infrastructure.)

I have some tests. But for prepare it for you infrastructure I need more
information about it.

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