srcdir builds

Alexandre Oliva
Tue Jun 25 16:32:00 GMT 2002

On Jun 25, 2002, DJ Delorie <> wrote:

>> Instead, please mark PR 7090 as a high-priority regression.  DJ, please
>> work on this bug.

> It seems to be a bug in the way the aclocal file was set up.
> configure checks for install-sh before telling autoconf *where* to
> find install-sh.  This patch seems to fix it, but I still have more
> tests to run, so for now I'm just putting it out for review (that's
> you please, Alex ;)

:-) Thanks for Cc:ing me; I'd probably have missed it for a while
hadn't you done so.

The patch looks ok, under the assumption that AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR will
not be invoked again without arguments.  This appears to be the case.
Thanks for cleaning this up.

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