Addition of EBCDIC support to safe-ctype.c and hex.c in libiberty

Dave Pitts
Tue Jun 25 15:52:00 GMT 2002

Description: This patch adds EBCDIC support to safe-ctype.c and
hex.c for the OS/390 port of the GCC compiler.  

Testcases: Run the compiler.

ChangeLog: Attached.

Bootstrapping and testing: Compiled on OS/390 V2R10 (native) and
RedHat 7.2 Intel (cross-compile).

Patch: Attached.

BTW: I've signed a Copyright Assignment. So, all should be OK on that front.

Dave Pitts                   PULLMAN: Travel and sleep in safety and comfort.              My other RV IS a Pullman (Colorado Pine).

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